VOILÀ!™ Rapid Digital Saliva Test

Voilà!™ is our rapid and digital antigen COVID-19 testing solution. Combining Lateral Flow Immunoassay (LFIA) and digital technologies, the qualitative detection of the nucleocapsid protein from SARS-CoV-2 in saliva samples is displayed to your smartphone within minutes. Test results can be viewed by connecting via Bluetooth to the complementary Voilà! mobile app and sent to the cloud for integration with our software. The fluorescent nanoparticles and optical micro sensor enable our test to detect lower levels of the antigen.

Each test is single-use, self-contained, and can be stored at room temperature. The test is designed for everyday use and can be scaled-up for large organizations, such as airports, schools, and public venues. The user can be tested at home, at work, for point-of-care to obtain easy-to-read results.

Build for Superior Sensitivity

Typical LFTsOur Superior Solution
FormatReflective particles observed by eyeFluorescent Europium particles detected by a Multi-Spectral Micro Sensor
ResultsLow Sensitivity
Low antigen levels may be undetectable
High Sensitivity
Can detect trace amounts of antigen by digitally capturing fluorescent signals in the UV spectrum
Sample TypeNasal SwabSaliva

Key Benefits

Rapid Results
Non-invasive Portable - Point-of-care testing
Self-Contained - No additional instruments
Affordable - lower cost of PCR
Highly Sensitive - As accurate as lab tests
Easy-to-Use Smart Digital Cloud based results

Research Use Only