TripleLock TM

Sophisticated Expertise

Our platform is based on three core principles that are designed to maximize accuracy and confidence in qPCR results, reduce costs, and deliver results in real-time.

Gold-standard TripleLock TM qPCR Assays

It all begins with having the best, most reliable qPCR Assays. At Precision Biomonitoring, we develop Gold-Standard DNA Assays that exceed the Minimal Mandatory qPCR Standards for Publication (MIQE Guidelines 2009). The assays are rigorously developed first in silico, then lab validated using target DNA and DNA of closely related organisms, to ensure that the assay is truly specific to the target species. We have developed and validated 60 assays so far.

The last step in our assay development is Field Validation. During field validation, we test our assays in known positive and negative sites. This means going to locations where there are known populations of the target species to verify assay performance. We also do this in confirmed negative sites, where the target species is not present (but closely related species may be), to verify that our assay is truly specific in our lab, in a third party lab, and in the field where it matters most.

Onsite DNA or RNA Extraction in 3 Minutes

Following sample collection, the sample is placed into a Lysis Buffer to split apart captured cells and to remove collected DNA or RNA from the filter into solution. After a series of wash steps, the eDNA is purified and transferred into a thermostable, elution buffer. This process is complete in 3 minutes, and produces room-stable high quality purified nucleic acids. All this without requiring a vortexer, heatblock, or centrifuge. The eluted sample is then ready for qPCR analysis.


On-site qPCR: Biomeme Three9

The Biomeme Three9™is a powerful handheld, ultra portable device that enables PCR, RT-PCR, qPCR, and Isothermal tests. In a single 30-60 minute run, the 9-well and 3-fluorescent channel Three9™can simultaneously test up to 9 samples, or 27 targets.

Mobile Data Management System