AI meets eDNA

Our data scientists and biostatisticians used machine-learning to develop SIBYLTM our proprietary predictive software tool that designs eDNA survey plans with a statistical accuracy of 95%. This means that when you follow the survey plan designed by SIBYLTM, you can trust the results of your eDNA survey.

AI meets DNA

Why would your eDNA surveys need SIBYLTM?

Without SIBYLTM a survey plan is an estimation without a statistical basis. If you’re looking for a target species and don’t detect it, is it because it’s absent or because your survey plan is not rigorous enough? If your objective is to demonstrate the absence of a target species and you have not detected it, how do you know your survey plan was adequate? Only with a survey plan designed by SIBYLTM can you answer these questions with statistical reliability.

Would you like to learn more about how you can have statistically accurate eDNA surveys? Send us an email with your availability and we can set up a video call!

statistically accurate eDNA surveys

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