Our Services

Our passion is to help you get better results, faster and save costs

Precision Biomonitoring offers  point-of-need environmental DNA (eDNA) tools and services for the identification of invasive, keystone and at-risk species in aquatic and other systems. Our surveys give environmental consultants, biologists and managers more definitive species identification, more rapidly and for less money than the traditional methods, without having to send samples to a central lab.  If lab analysis is needed, we do this as well!

Our Services

  • eDNA surveys including sampling strategy, onsite testing, data analysis and reporting
  • Development of new eDNA tests
  • eDNA laboratory services
  • Consulting

Let's discuss your project

  • We would love to discuss with you how we can scope and conduct a survey using our point-of-need eDNA tools to save you time, money and give you more reliable data.
  • Do you need new eDNA tests developed? Our molecular biologists are waiting to hear from you.
  • Do you need  custom lab analysis? We can help.

Email us at: Info@precisionbiomonitoring.com 

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