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Founded in 2016, Precision Biomonitoring provides industry-leading expertise in molecular detection of organisms. Our very own TripleLock™ technology aims to deliver rapid, on-site environmental, food, animal and human diagnostic testing solutions. Our customers are organizations that need on-site surveillance and rapid identification of any organism in any environment. Our team is at the forefront of technological innovations in the genomics industry. Our vision is a world where we can identify any organism anywhere on the planet, when you need to know now.

our Management team

Nós vislumbramos um mundo onde podemos identificar instantaneamente qualquer organismo no local, em qualquer parte do mundo.

Steve Crookes

Head of Development, eDNA

Nataly Ivanova

Research and Development Director

amanda naaum image

Amanda Naaum

Scientific Liaison Director

Nick Ramdass

Nick Ramdass

Director of Sales

Dan Wesenberg

Director of Supply Chain

Board of Directors

From Start-Up to Winding-Up, Your Business is Our Business.

Nossa Equipe de Liderança

Nós vislumbramos um mundo onde podemos identificar instantaneamente qualquer organismo no local, em qualquer parte do mundo.

mark goldberg ig

Mark Goldberg


Dr. Mark Goldberg is a board-certified toxicologist and a serial entrepreneur. He focuses on commercializing new technology for a more sustainable world and mentoring the next generation of entrepreneurs. He serves as chair of Precision Biomonitoring’s Board of Directors.

john ferraro headshot

John Ferraro


As a curious, adventure-seeking and bootstrapping visionary, John Ferraro is passionate about agriculture and innovating the food supply chain. He has built organizations and strategic alliances focused on enabling the integration of a sustainable meat proteins supply chain that produces quality food and delivers real value for all, from farmers to end consumers.

john pearson image

John Pearson


John Pearson é presidente e CEO da QDZ Enterprizes Limited e ex-diretor geral global da Hatch.

mario thomas headshot

Mario Thomas


Dr. Mario Thomas is accomplished in biotech innovation. Mario has served as a senior executive in several successful start-ups and global companies
He holds a Ph.D. In Chemistry from Université Laval in Quebec City, as well as a DSA from Ecole des Hautes Etudes Commerciales of Université de Montréal. He is also a chartered board director with the C.Dir. designation.

amanda naaum image

Amanda Naaum


A Dra. Amanda Naaum tem mais de dez anos de experiência no desenvolvimento de ensaios moleculares para identificação de espécies, tanto no meio acadêmico como na indústria iniciante. Amanda é Ph.D. pela Universidade de Guelph. A Dra. Naaum recebeu o Prêmio Jovem Cientista da IUFoST (2016), e uma Bolsa Rutherford da Commonwealth (2018) em reconhecimento aos seus resultados de pesquisa e inovação em testes de autenticidade de espécies alimentares em pontos de necessidade. Ela agora estende esta especialização a aplicações para a segurança alimentar e animal e monitoramento ambiental na PBI.

crookes steve small

Steve Crookes


Dr. Steve Crookes is a molecular and integrative ecologist having accumulated over ten years of academic and industry experience in the application of molecular and experimental methods to issues in conservation biology. Over the past five years, Steve’s work has focused upon maximizing the utility of environmental DNA (eDNA) detection as a tool to broaden our understanding of the distribution and spatiotemporal ecology of species-at-risk, aquatic invasive species, and indicator taxa.

jeff campbell small

Jeff Campbell


Jeff has a track record of success in developing companies from early commercialization to scale as well as in international sales and marketing. He will apply that experience to leading the company’s corporate and business development efforts

From Start-Up to Winding-Up, Your Business is Our Business.

OUR MISSION and values

At PBI, we are a resourceful and creative team always at the forefront of technological innovations in the genomics industry. We are committed to removing the barriers of molecular testing by delivering rapid and accurate on-site diagnostic solutions for environmental, food, animal, and human testing needs everywhere. It is our priority to go above and beyond client expectations to solve their challenges.


We develop the most accurate tests through rigorous laboratory and third-party validation.


We are working at the forefront of eDNA technologies, using innovative tools and techniques to produce results.


We are dedicated to what we do. From assay development to field validations, every step is done carefully and passionately.


We are resourceful and alert, responding to an ever-changing industry, adapting on a dime.


We are solving the toughest industry-wide challenges.


We form long-lasting relationships with our valued customers.


We produce reliable, transparent results you can trust.