Precision Biomonitoring and Birks Natural Heritage Consultants Announce Strategic Partnership Advancing Adoption of Environmental DNA Methods

GUELPH, Ontario and BARRIE, Ontario, June 18, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Precision Biomonitoring Inc., a leader in environmental DNA (eDNA) detection of organisms, and Birks Natural Heritage Consultants, Inc., a full-service environmental company consulting to public and private sector clients, today announced teaming up to advance adoption of  Environmental DNA (eDNA) tools, approaches and methodologies to help clients get more reliable biomonitoring survey results and save costs.

Connecting Precision Biomonitoring’s revolutionary TRIPLELOCK™ DNA platform to Birks Natural Heritage Consultants’s excellence in environmental practices, allows both companies to be at the forefront in applying eDNA to meet the environmental goals of industry and conservation groups with more reliable and cost-effective monitoring of organisms.

Confidence in environmental survey results is important and environmental professionals and their clients are actively seeking better ways to conduct biomonitoring surveys that are more accurate and reduce costs.  eDNA solutions have potential to provide reliable detection of species, in a shorter time frame with lower costs when compared to conventional methods based on visual identification of specimens in the field. 

“It is my pleasure to announce that Precision Biomonitoring’s TRIPLELOCK™ DNA platform, can now be advanced with and applied by Birks Natural Heritage Consultants for the benefit of the industry. Birks Natural Heritage Consultants is known for their rigour in environmental science and the delivery of top-notch survey results, and this partnership offers strong support for our business,” said Dr. Mario Thomas, Precision Biomonitoring’s CEO.

“Having worked with members of the Precision Biomonitoring Inc. team in the past it is clear that they hold quality and reputation in high regard.  This principle meshes well with that of the Birks team.  The eDNA technology that has been developed by Precision Biomonitoring Inc. is an exciting tool which will allow innovative new survey alternatives in the industry.  The Birks Natural Heritage Consultants team is very eager to collaborate with Precision Biomonitoring to take the technology to the next step.  We see boundless opportunities to employ this technology to assist in accurate identification of important natural heritage functions.  This can only be a benefit in the search for appropriate balance between the environment protection and the expanding market for land and resources.” – Brad Baker, President, Birks Natural Heritage Consultants, Inc.

About Precision Biomonitoring Inc.
Founded in 2016 by a team of scientists from the University of Guelph’s Biodiversity Institute of Ontario, Precision Biomonitoring ​ ​provides ​TripleLock™ onsite DNA​ ​surveillance platform solutions ​that​ give customers ​earlier detection of organisms for a more rapid response. ​​Customers​ are any organization​s​ that need onsite surveillance and ​rapid ​identification of any organism in any environment​. ​The Precision Biomonitoring team is at the forefront of technological innovations in the ​genomics ​industry. Our vision is a world where we can identify any organism on the spot, in an instant, anywhere on the planet.

About Birks Natural Heritage Inc.
A Natural Heritage Consulting company with over 30 years of staff experience providing services in Natural Sciences throughout Ontario.  Our team has a wide range of experience that extends from work on large-scale mining and wind energy projects in Northern Ontario through to environmental assessments for infrastructure construction and maintenance and single-family residential developments or renovations across the province of Ontario.  From our perspective eDNA can be used as a tool to assist in many aspects of the identification of Natural Heritage Functions which are based on the presence of specific species.

Media contacts:Mario Thomas (647)466-8008
 Brad Baker (705)790-1285
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About Us
Founded in 2016, Precision Biomonitoring provides industry-leading expertise in molecular direction of organisms. Their very own TripleLock™ technology aims to deliver rapid, on-site environmental, food, animal and human diagnostic testing solutions. Customers are any organizations that need onsite surveillance and rapid identification of any organism in any environment. The Precision Biomonitoring team is at the forefront of technological innovations in the genomics industry. Our vision is a world where we can identify any organism on the spot, in an instant, anywhere on the planet.