eDNA laboratory services


eDNA Laboratory Services

While we offer rapid, onsite qPCR results through our point-of-need platform, the need for rapid results may not be needed in some situations, and laboratory-based analysis is a good alternative.

We offer laboratory-based qPCR analysis for detection of single targets as well as metabarcoding analysis for surveying communities. We offer our customers high-quality laboratory services at a guaranteed competitive price. Our customers can rest assured that their samples will be analyzed in a top-rated facility by molecular scientists applying the most advanced protocols and methods.


The eDNA laboratory service is designed specifically for detecting aquatic organisms whether they are an invasive, rare, or a species of conservation concern. If you would like to detect a single species that may be difficult to capture with traditional aquatic sampling methods (e.g., netting, electrofishing, etc.), then eDNA + qPCR analysis is a good alternative. Species-specific qPCR analysis provides DNA presence/absence detection along with amount of DNA detected. If you are more interested in detecting several species of fish within a body of water, then metabarcoding analysis is an alternative for biodiversity assessment. With metabarcoding, DNA of several different species of fish can be simultaneously detected which makes it a very powerful molecular tool.


The laboratory facilities are accredited by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO/IEC 17025) which is one of the most important certifications for testing laboratories globally. This accreditation indicates that all laboratories and personnel within the facility have demonstrated technical competence and ability to produce precise and accurate test results. Strict and up-to-date protocols are followed to deliver high-quality results. The lab follows a quality assurance and quality control plan to ensure that cross-contamination of samples during analysis is minimized and verified at each step. This type of high-standard laboratory service ensures that our customers can be comfortable and confident with the accuracy of their results.

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