The TripleLock™ Platform: Enhanced eDNA detection

Faster, more accurate and affordable gold-standard TripleLock™ molecular tests

  • Get the best value – we offer water sampling, eDNA extraction and test results in less than 80 minutes saving you time and money.
  • Our expanding portfolio of advanced TripleLock ™ tests are held to rigorous performance standards.
  • We continuously invest in developing new solutions, so you’re equipped to meet the environmental challenges of today and the future.

We bring the lab to the field with our eDNA point-of-need detection platform

  • Get results in the field and avoid shipping samples to a lab
  • Process a sample in 2 minutes with the Biomeme M1 Sample Prep Kit
  • Produce high quality purified nucleic acids
  • No vortexer, heatblock, centrifuge, or fridge required
  • Extract DNA or RNA from most sample types up to 1 mL

The handheld Biomeme three9™ thermocycler uses your smart phone for real-time qPCR analysis with sample-to-result in 30-60 minutes!

  • The mobile Three9™ enables multiplex real-time detection of up to 27 targets from 1 sample or test 9 samples for up to 3 targets each.
  • Just under 3 lbs, hand-held, and battery-operated for maximum portability enabling a full day’s work out in the field on a single charge.
  • Turns an iPhone SE into a thermocycler for real-time PCR, the gold standard in molecular detection technology. DNA or RNA can be amplified and detected in a variety of sample types

Mobile data management application

  • The mobile app captures the test results and upload them to the cloud for immediate access and management
  • Intuitive phone interface with on-screen tutorials
  • Program your custom thermocycling parameters and view raw test data
  • Run tests offline and sync data to the Cloud Portal via onboard Wifi/Cellular
  • View GPS-tagged results in real-time
  • Manage data from multiple Three9 devices and experiments in one place
  • View PCR amplification plots, GPS metadata, and more
  • Download raw data files for easy analysis
  • Build custom apps and integrations using the API
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