Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. Why use eDNA for biomonitoring?
There are many reasons to incorporate eDNA into biological assessments, including: reduced costs, higher accuracy and rapid results.
2. What is eDNA?
Environmental DNA, or eDNA, is a term for the DNA that is shed by organisms into the environment from skin, feces, urine, etc. The environment (air, soil or water) can be tested for the presence of DNA from an organism without having to actually locate that organism. Using a simple test for the presence of eDNA can reveal whether a target organism was recently present in that environment.
3. Is eDNA reliable for biomontoring?
While the idea of using environmental DNA for biomonitoring is somewhat new, much of the technology used has existed for decades and is routinely used in medical clinical settings. As with any type of testing, the results are only as good as the test being used, and Precision Biomonitoring has developed stringent standards for our TripleLock test design and extensive validation so you can be confident in your results.
4. Why choose Precision Biomonitoring?
Precision Biomonitoring was founded by researchers specializing in biodiversity science, DNA-based species identification, and eDNA. Our goal is to take the guesswork out of biomonitoring, using robustly designed cutting edge tools to supplement traditional approaches, reducing cost and time required for results.
5. Can I run field tests with no training in DNA science?
Yes! Our field tests are specifically designed for use by non-experts. The simplicity of the protocols and equipment will surprise you. Contact us for a demonstration, or register your interest in a training session today.
6. Do we have to run our own testing?
While our in-field testing options are simple and reliable, Precision Biomonitoring also offers laboratory testing for samples shipped to us. We will work with you to develop a protocol for minimizing degradation of your sample during shipment, and conduct the testing in a state of the art facility in Guelph, Ontario.
7. Is custom test development available?
Don’t see the test kit you’re looking for in our shop? Precision Biomonitoring happily takes requests for custom test development. Contact us today to discuss how we can help.
8. How much does eDNA biomonitoring cost?
While our test costs vary, the use of eDNA for biomonitoring greatly reduces project costs overall by reducing the time required to complete assessments, and by increasing confidence in results. On average costs are reduced by 25% to 68%. Contact us for a project-specific quote, or to discuss cost savings estimates.

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