Specialized Lab Services
We offer laboratory based qPCR analysis for detection of single targets as well as metabarcoding analysis for surveying communities. Our customers can rest assured that their samples are in the hands of the most qualified molecular biologists, applying the most advanced protocols and methods.

Lab-Based qPCR Analysis

lab-based qPCR analysis

Have samples to analyze? We offer our customers high-quality laboratory services at a guaranteed competitive price. We use an internal positive control (IPC) with your samples to check for the presence of PCR-inhibitors, which can mask the detection of target species. We also always use no-template controls alongside your samples, ensuring that laboratory contamination is not effecting your samples.


metabarcoding, specialized laboratory services

If you are more interested in detecting several species of fish within a body of water, then metabarcoding analysis is a powerful alternative for biodiversity assessment. With metabarcoding, DNA of several different species of fish can be simultaneously detected.