As organisms interact with the environment, they leave behind a trail of genetic material such as skin, hair, or mucous. It is that material that is referred to as environmental DNA – eDNA for short. The presence of a species or entire species communities can be detected in a single sample.

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Testing Solutions

Our industry gold-standard environmental DNA solution gives you more reliable results, faster, and with cost savings of 25% – 68%+ compared to conventional methods. Our TripleLock™ platform provides a full solution from reliable custom survey design to robust water sampling/DNA filtration to advanced qPCR test development.

How Does it Work?

Sample Collection 

Water, soil, guano, we can test them all.

Using the sensor integrated water filtration system ANDe™, developed by Smith-Root, we filter water samples on-site. This “smart pump” enables the user to modify target sampling volume, pump pressure limits, and flow rate limits using on-board controls. These variables can have a significant influence on the quantity of environmental DNA that is captured by the single-use nitrocellulose filters used during sampling. We also offer self-preserving filters which omit the need for cold-chain of custody as they are thermo-stable for up to 6 months. This negates the need for having volatile preservatives on-site and helps with remote site work and shipping concerns.



Get complete laboratory services with in-lab extraction, PCR analysis, metabarcoding, assay design, and custom solutions.


Point-of-need testing, rapid results within an hour*

*Times are approximate and based on previous tests

What makes us different?

We are a complete eDNA service provider: we provide sampling & analytical equipment, in-lab and on-site analytical, research & assay development; and resources to help with your understanding and reporting needs.

We don’t just leave you at the door: we walk you through all the steps and give you the support you need to meet your project and reporting objectives.

Responsible development: we want to see eDNA succeed and you succeed using eDNA. We offer a complete suite of QA/QC measures and want to make sure that you meet your project requirements.



Precision biomonitoring


Laboratory eDNA analysis

qPCR and/or metabarcoding

In-house assay development

Standardized methods for assay validation

Third Party ISO 17025

On-site eDNA extraction to prevent eDNA degrading

Transect and depth sampling capability

Sophisticated sampling methods to minimize contamination risks

Patented survey design software

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Environmental DNA is free or cellular DNA found in aquatic or sedimentary environments as a direct result of shedding resulting from local biological processes. Living organism continuously shed DNA material into their environment, this material can be isolated and identified to indicate presence or absence of the organism in the system.

Since DNA degrades rapidly, the rate of degradation is dependent on temperature, pH, ecology and many other factors in the environment. We use our on-site TripleLock™ platform, so there is no need to ship samples to a lab. This saves you time and avoids the risk of false negative results due to eDNA degradation during transit. Our TripleLock platform provides a full solution from advanced target qPCR test development to optimal survey design, on-site 2-minute sample preparation and trust-worthy reporting of results when you need to know now.

Because eDNA particles are not distributed homogeneously in the environment, our surveys are designed to take the species’ biology, ecology, migration habits, and other factors into account in addition to the nature of the site (e.g.river vs wetlands) and water properties. Our eDNA Survey Design tool (patent pending) uses a proprietary method to account for crucial biological and environmental factors to calculate and maximize the probability of target eDNA detection and optimize the sampling strategy. Combined with our advanced sample collection methods, we conduct the most statistically sound eDNA surveys for outcomes you can trust.

Our studies can inform:

  • Presence or absence of a target species in a specific environment
  • Distribution and migration of species using temporal and spatial coverage monitoring methods
  • Identify complete species assemblages within your sample area using metabarcoding

To minimize and eliminate false negatives, Precision Biomonitoring Inc will use:

  • Proprietary survey design methods, using factors related to species ecology and environmental metadata to maximize the probability of target species detection
  • Rigorously validate tests/assays that are highly specific and sensitive
  • Conduct onsite eDNA extractions to avoid risk of degradation during transit
  • A pre-site pilot study to check for substances that may interfere with qPCR analyses
  • Use of an internal positive control during qPCR analyses

Precision Biomonitoring is bringing molecular biology to the field. Our scientists and technicians are highly trained professionals in eDNA survey design, sample collection, and DNA extraction and analyses. We offer a formal training and certification program that you may pursue if it fits your needs.

We work with our clients and industry partners to develop a growing collection of gold-standard qPCR assays. Contact us for more information.

Assay and survey design are complex. We tailor our services and costs to fit your specific needs. Please contact us for more information.

While we are based in Canada, we offer our services internationally. Please reach out with any questions.