Case Studies

Rapid COVID-19 Testing - ACTRA Toronto Case Study

COVID-19 presented additional challenges for the film and television industry, where the number of performers allowed on sets was greatly decreased to help limit COVID-19 transmission by keeping personnel numbers at bare minimums. Learn how the entertainment industry has navigated this pandemic so they could get back to working safely.

Rapid & Remote COVID-19 Testing

Early in the pandemic, New Gold, an intermediate mining company, reached out to PBI for support with on-site testing. Learn how New Gold navigated and implemented on-site COVID-19 testing at their remote mining site.

Validation Study – Redside Dace

Download our case study on detecting redside dace on-site using our point-of-need environmental DNA (eDNA) detection platform

Sensitivity Validation Study – Jefferson Salamander

In this case study we detect Jefferson salamander on-site using our TripleLockTM  molecular assay and our point-of-need environmental DNA (eDNA) detection platform and our. Learn more in our free case study.

Greater Precision than Electrofishing – Brook Trout

PBI has developed a sensitive assay for the detection of brook trout DNA from water samples. Using our point-of-need eDNA tool, we can provide realtime confirmation of the presence of DNA from this species within two hours including water sampling. Download the free case study to learn more!