African Swine Fever Virus

Introducing the world’s only rapid, onsite test to detect the presence of African Swine Fever Virus (ASFV)

A rapid, onsite diagnostic that provides reliable results enables a more immediate response to curtailing the further spread of the virus. This will contribute to reducing the losses associated with the disease. Further, a rapid, in-situ test that can be performed and verified in about an hour would enable more effective and pervasive surveillance to prevent infection of domestic swine.

The test procedure will detect the presence of the virus in any infected animal or carrier of the virus. Unlike laboratory services that require samples to be shipped where they may be prepared for DNA extraction and detection, the PBI solution is mobile and can be employed at any time, anywhere by anyone.

Interested parties may order test kits and equipment directly from Precision Biomonitoring. Please contact Jay Cashubec at