About Us

Who are we?

Created by scientists from the Biodiversity Institute at University of Guelph, Precision Biomonitoring offers  point-of-need environmental DNA (eDNA) tools and services for the identification of invasive, keystone and at-risk species in aquatic and other systems. Our TripleLock  surveys give environmental consultants, biologists and managers more definitive species identification, more rapidly and for less money than the traditional methods, without the troubles and risks of shipping samples to a central lab! 

eDNA changes everything

Precision Biomonitoring develops ground breaking eDNA field  technology. This newly emerging science  allows  extremely small traces of DNA—traces shed  by  organisms  through bodily fluids, skin  cells, or other  excretions—to be detected  in water samples  without having to directly  collec the  organisms  themselves. This  rapid  and  sensitive  tool provides confirmation of  target species  DNA  in the  field,  as opposed to  lengthy delays waiting for    results  from a  lab.  Our system allows  for  real-time upload of  field results  to a  secure  server, which  provides  you with easy access  to the  information  anywhere and anytime.

Take a look at some cases studies

We have conducted eDNA surveys  for tens of species. Our survey methods give you reliable results using a fraction fo the time and effort.

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