Environmental DNA (eDNA)

Introducing TripleLock™ eDNA Solutions

More accurate Tests

Our TripleLock™ eDNA tests are rigorously developed, and then validated by a third party ISO 17025 accredited lab

Faster Results

Get your results right in the field with onsite eDNA extraction and detection

Reliable Outcomes

Optimized eDNA survey designs give you more reliable results

Environmental DNA (eDNA)

Gold-Standard eDNA Tests

Using its advanced proprietary technologies Precision Biomonitoring develops the most specific, and sensitive tests for Species at Risk, Invasives, and Keystone Species.

Environmental DNA Services

Better eDNA Surveys For You

We use our proprietary tool to design eDNA surveys that maximize probability of target species detection, and give you confidence in results.
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What We Offer

Precision Biomonitoring offers industry gold-standard environmental DNA services. We give you more reliable results, faster, and with cost savings of 25%+ compared to conventional methods. We use our onsite TripleLock™ platform, so there is no need to ship samples to a lab. This saves you time and avoids the risk of false negative results due to eDNA degradation during transit. Our TripleLock™ platform provides a full solution from advanced target qPCR test development to optimal survey design, onsite 2-minute sample preparation and trust-worthy reporting of results.

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