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Precision Biomonitoring - Our business has changed…

Since its founding in 2016 Precision Biomonitoring has been at the forefront of DNA-based surveillance and detection, using innovative tools and protocols to produce reliable results, to solve real problems. We are proud to introduce NatureMetrics and SQI Diagnostics, world class organizations that have acquired these businesses, who will continue to advance the science while providing excellent service in the fields of environmental DNA and Human Diagnostics.

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Nature Metrics

Our nature services have moved

NatureMetrics – the world-leading provider of nature data and environmental DNA (eDNA) based biodiversity monitoring – has acquired our nature data business.

NatureMetrics offers an expanded portfolio of environmental DNA services to our North American customers. PBI’s team of 9 eDNA experts and the eDNA lab in Guelph are now part of the NatureMetrics team and are ready to support your nature-related monitoring needs.

SQI Diagnostics

Our human diagnostics services have moved

SQI Diagnostics have acquired the human diagnostics business of Precision Biomonitoring including distribution of the Biomeme Franklin® thermocycler and SARS-CoV-2 test, and Quidel ™ Sofia® SARS Antigen Fluorescent Immunoassay,  as well as ownership of the TripleLock™ lyophilized testing platform.

SQI offers an expanded portfolio of diagnostic services and members of the PBI team have joined SQI to continue to provide support to customers seeking to keep their work environment safe from Covid.